Pelvic Fixation

Pelvic fixation is a surgical technique used to stabilize spinal fusion constructs at the base, or foundation of the spine anchored in the boney pelvis. This procedure aims to provide stability and support to the pelvic region, especially in situations where traditional fixation methods may not be sufficient to address the underlying issue.

There are different approaches to pelvic fixation, each with unique benefits and risks. Pelvic fixation is an important component of surgical procedures that involve the lumbar spine, sacrum, or pelvis, as it helps to enhance the overall stability of the spine and pelvis complex. By providing additional support to the pelvic region, pelvic fixation can aid in achieving successful outcomes for patients with various spinal deformities requiring surgical intervention.

Extensive research has been completed by the ISSG regarding pelvic fixation which has enhanced our ability to safety provide longevity to spinal fusion constructs.


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